Whole Home Renovation Project – A Complete Guide

Whole Home Renovations

Maybe it’s an older home purchased mainly for the location. Possibly you’ve lived in it for a while and you’ve decided to add some new character to your beautiful home. Whole home renovations often occur when you decide to remain in your neighbourhood because of lot size, schools located in the area, or when your home would easily adapt to an expansion when families grow.

Benefiting from a Whole Home Renovation

Whatever the reason for planning a whole home renovation, it’s a definite solution that makes a lot of sense. There are many benefits in orchestrating a renovation of your home, you can uniquely create your ideal living spaces that suit you and your family. A neighbourhood that you love, the people in the area are great, your home has captured you emotionally is reason enough to stay.

A renovation of mass proportions can be emotionally and physically draining, although renovating is and can be a rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to create your own dream home, customizing it to suit your style and needs. Whole home renovations generally involve every aspect of the home and may typically involve foundation changes, roof line changes, re-configuring existing spaces, and creating new livable spaces.

If you’re looking for a whole home renovation you’re making a significant financial commitment, and it is equally important to meet with professional renovation companies who can listen to your plans and provide extra feedback and valuable insight into what you want to see happen. In the end, you will have that home you’ve always wanted.

In the Greater Toronto Area, there are a vast number of renovation companies who would execute your whole home renovation project. Who do you trust? It can definitely be an overwhelming proposition to make such a huge and important decision. Look no further, Affinity Renovations is a reputable home renovation company that will diligently execute your whole home renovation from concept to completion.

What does a Whole Home Renovation Include?

  1. Entire home makeover
  2. Basement remodeling
  3. Kitchen remodeling
  4. Rental suite construction
  5. Home office construction
  6. Adding a second story to your home
  7. Complete bathroom renovations

1. Whole Home Makeover

Extensive renovations to an existing property both structural and cosmetic, involves additions of significant extra square footage and new livable spaces. This type of project requires a great deal of attention from planning to implementation. In this case, you would most likely acquire the services of an architect, permits from the City and structural engineers to execute this major whole home renovation.

Changing the interior spaces and exterior spaces are prominent. In the end, your house will transform into a beautiful home.

2. Basement Remodeling

The number one reason why homeowners want to renovate their basements is to add extra living and storage spaces. Most homes in the GTA, consider their basements a dark dreary dungeon space mainly for storage space. A complete basement remodeling means that your once unused, unfinished space will uniquely suit you and your family needs. A complete basement renovation may include:

  • Additional bathroom complete with shower
  • Custom built bars, recreation room
  • Framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall
  • Flooring; ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, engineered hardwood and laminate
  • Painting, trim work
  • Spare bedroom
  • Children’s play area
  • Storage and utility rooms
  • It is left up to your imagination to create a brand new basement space.

3. Complete Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are the heart and soul of the home. It’s where people gather and congregate on a daily basis. A kitchen space should be functional, practical, and comfortable to suit for everyday living. Complete kitchen remodeling service may include:

  • Custom cabinets-professional installation
  • Back-splash custom counter tops, faucets and sinks
  • Custom built pantry
  • Appliance installation and venting
  • Lighting, under mount cabinet lighting, pot lights
  • Installation of island to create more eating space
  • Painting, drywall installation, custom crown moulding installation
  • The kitchen is the centrepiece of your home; it is where you spend most of your time. Your new kitchen space will
  • ultimately suit your personal style and needs.

4. Rental Suite Construction

Even as household sizes are decreasing our homes in the GTA are still pretty spacious compared to eras of the past. And, even if your home was just the right size for you when you bought it, maybe it’s time to use that unused, unfinished extra space to your advantage. Kids are growing up and moving out, you just need the extra cash. Whatever the situation! Creating a space in your home to provide a separate rental space is an emerging strategy for many homeowners.

A rental suite will most likely require a bathroom, as well a closed space to serve a bedroom, a kitchen, family area. Ideally, it will have a separate private entrance to make things more accessible for the tenant and less disruptive for the homeowner.

5. Home Office Construction

In today’s society, more and more people are working out of their home. It makes a lot of sense. Adding a bathroom and kitchenette as part of your home office environment can help you stay on track and keep from family or home-chore distractions. These added amenities will also be beneficial to the privacy issues one has if clients visit your home office.

6. Adding a Second Story to Your Home

Ripping the roof of your home and adding a whole new level on top may sound like a drastic means of gaining new space, but there are various situations where it makes sense. In some cases the construction of a second story can be a huge money-saver; in others, the real payback is something you can’t put a price on: the ability to stay in the neighbourhood you’ve lived in for many years and continue enjoying a setting that you couldn’t duplicate elsewhere.

7. Complete Bathroom Renovations

In today’s homes, the bathroom continues to be the most used rooms. Complete bathroom remodeling service can include:

  • Custom cabinets and professional installation
  • Custom countertops, faucets, sink, new toilet
  • Custom tiled showers with built-in shelving and accessibility options
  • Shower lighting, pot lights, recessed lighting
  • Flooring- heated floors, professional tile or natural stone installation
  • Painting, trim work, custom crown moulding installation
  • Whatever you dream you can turn into reality!

In the end, you will most likely require the needs of a home renovation company to execute your whole home renovation project.

Affinity Renovations is your number one choice for complete home renovation needs whether large or small in scale. The company takes pride itself on listening to the homeowners goals and dreams, and uniquely making them a reality. It takes time to consult with you every facet of your whole home renovation project, so that things are done right at the first time.

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