Staying Sane While Doing Home Renovations

Staying Sane While Doing Home Renovations

Renovating your home is a huge decision and usually can involve a great deal of work. That said, it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences a homeowner in the Greater Toronto Area can enjoy.

When you embark on the renovation journey it is usually based on the needs of you and your family. The family dynamic usually changes and a renovation usually means adding new spaces to accommodate these changes. Often triggered by a wanted desire or need for more space or basically fix and transform these spaces that require some TLC (tender loving care).

A renovation offers the opportunity to make memorable, lasting changes to your home, and it can make your life easier and definitely enjoyable. Better yet, it will increase the resale value of your property, if you so choose.

Every homeowner feels the ever dying need to be rewarded, which means taking on a home renovation project that deep down they can’t complete, or better yet they know deep down won’t suit their needs. Sometimes it means letting go of those fears and leaving it in the hands of a professional home renovation company. In the GTA, Affinity Renovations is proud to service the needs of every homeowner in respects to executing your renovation project.

Your Dreams

When you make the decision to undertake a renovation, you will spend precious time thinking of what to do and how you are going to manage the budget. Countless hours are spent dreaming of a bigger, luxurious bathroom designed ensuite, or visions of hosting Christmas for the extended family in your new modern open-plan kitchen design. Have you ever wanted one of those perfect kitchens where you can cook dinner and help the kids with their homework.  Or the kind of kitchen where you prepare a meal and enjoy a glass of wine while chatting with guests. For those who love to entertain, the open plan kitchen might just be the ticket. The kitchen space isn’t just a place to prepare food anymore- it`s the heart and soul of your home. Islands and breakfast bars are two key items that will tie you kitchen in with the rest of the house. Your new kitchen space, will be a central hub for the family to congregate on a daily basis.

The Reality

The reality of a renovation project, however, is that you end up:

  • Blowing out your budget
  • Stressing out over the entire process
  • Spending more time than anticipated

It`s very true, the process can be fraught with stress. And if you don`t properly prepare or do your research, you most likely end up on the losing end. A renovation can be a rewarding experience where you can enjoy your new spaces for many years to come. Draw up a plan of how you want your renovation to be executed and most definitely your dreams will turn into reality. It`s up to you and your imagination to seal the deal.

Avoid the Stress

Simple things like knowing the overall scope of the work is very helpful. Knowing what trades to use for each particular project, getting clear quotes and agreements on the work upfront, locking down a proper budget and specific timelines. It all helps in achieving the ends to the means!

Contact an Expert

We all believe we can be the DIY expert, but in fact it turns out be your worst nightmare. Do your homework. Research, research, research! In essence, you have to expect chaos for the period of the renovation. Think big picture and let the chaos go on around you until it`s finished. In the end, you can style and rearrange to your heart`s content. It`s at your fingertips, simply google: Affinity Renovations to execute your home renovations project whether large or small. They can do it all!

From Concept to Completion

Get excited! Scream at the top of your lungs. Enjoy the rewarding renovation journey that you are on. Most importantly, feel lucky that you have a home you can renovate and be grateful that you will enjoy these newly designed spaces for many years to come. Chat with family and friends on about how you will enjoy the renovation upon completion. A renovation project can most definitely be fraught with stress and stressors, it`s how you manage and stay on track to ultimately see the final product come to fruitition. Most likely, you will be on a renovation journey complete with its cocktail of mixed emotions, but, be patient,  stay along for the ride, cause in the end you can reap the rewards!

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