Make Your House Renovations Totally Eco-Friendly!

The fact of the matter is that after a while all our homes that we have comfortably lived in will need a well-earned make over and improvement. We can easily just get used to our homes and not see the need to change anything. But our children or new friends who come to visit might politely or more obviously point out that the need for change is required.

Over the last 7 or 8 years, many people yearn to move to a new bigger property and therefore put all of their property improvements into the new property, but it has not been possible because of the recession and the subsequent freezing in the property market. Now what can you do to deal with a sluggish market just starting to pick up?

Make renovation your key target

It is possible to dream about all the things that you could do to improve a new home, but you need to take a step back and consider your existing home and what you could do with it. All the advice over the last 7 years has been to shelve dreams and get on with what we have got. In other words make better use of what is around us. This is not bad information and advice if you think about it for a moment. Who knows your home better than you? The answer: no one. So what are you going to about it as you do not feel secure enough to take on the risk to sell and trade up yet?

Yes! You will embark on house renovations that are well thought out with a view to a sale, these are smart moves from all points of view. You could bide your time doing precisely nothing, but with a bit of careful planning you could step by step increase the value of your home ready for the day when it is time to sell it and get the best price possible.

Walk the estate

This means taking a careful walk around your home, study every room, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dining room and so on and consider the question “could this room be improved?” is it the way I want it to be. Let’s take an example, your kitchen, look at it objectively what could be done?

Improve rip and burn. No! Don’t make the common mistake that only the newest and shiniest will do to make your kitchen spring back to life. Think the bigger plan and think about other materials that could be used to devastatingly good effect, such as reclaimed wood. What? You may ask. Yes reclaimed wood is ever increasingly popular because not only is a sound environmental choice, the products on offer using it are of exceptional quality.

From counter tops to flooring and walls the products are of the best quality. Guess what? One Kitchen Certified Designer in Canada (KCD) actually had produced a fireproof kitchen hood made entirely of reclaimed wood. Essentially using recycled wood as part of your home renovations will save you money and directly increase the value of your home.

Deconstruct your home, not demolish it

Once you have completed your first renovation room project with success, you should turn your attention to your new found skills to the rest of your home. Don’t compromise on what you have learned as the word demolition will no longer exist in your vocabulary. Now it is all about salvage and recycling. Yes, you could call yourself an eco-friendly convert, you would be right, but essentially you are a person who moves with the times and realizes that the reuse is better than rip and burn. From light fittings to bricks, tiles, cabinets and even walls, every material can be reused to your advantage if you take time to consider each step.

For example, a chandelier in your living room could be removed and fitted to the ceiling of your study to give it a new lease of life. Light fittings in your bedroom could be moved to your son’s or daughter’s room to give them exactly what they are looking for. Even kitchen light fittings could be used to revamp your bathroom to good effect.

Prepare to donate the stuff you don’t want

That kitchen cabinet that has no place in your home, those dining room chairs that don’t fit with your new dining room furniture and table, what are you going to do with them? Does the skip beckon and you are going to throw them away? Think for a moment every item that you may not want could be exactly what another person is looking for. Check out the websites of organizations and charities that will come and remove your unwanted stuff free of charge and give these items a new lease of life with owners who will appreciate them. In these times, the concept of use and destroy is dead, we need to recycle to give planet Earth a helping hand, so do your bit.

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