Kitchen Remodeling Tips For A Versatile Space

Kitchen Remodeling Tips For A Versatile Space

The kitchen has come a long way with the modern kitchen becoming an evolving space. It is more than just a space to prepare food, it is also a space to share the meals, catch up with family and even entertain guests. When planning your kitchen remodeling, you should look at the space as more than just a place to prep meals so that you can design a room for multi-function living. You do not have to spend a fortune to get your kitchen design just right. Following are some tips that you need to think about when planning the perfect kitchen:

Think about your lifestyle

One of the most important things you need to think about is how you live. Think about how you use your current kitchen and consider any changes that you would like to make. The size of your home will play a major role when making this decision. Different size homes require specifically laid out kitchens. If you have a family, a breakfast hub may be a requirement. If you have pets, including space for pet beds and food bowls may be necessary. If you are single or have a smaller space, appliances like a slim dishwasher model will come in handy. If you love to entertain, dedicated wine storage space will help.

Consider all the details

Make sure that you think about all the details remembering that simple things are usually easy to overlook. You need to consider issues like where to place your shopping before unpacking, whether you need a special coffee maker, where to place the waste bin, how often you steam your foods and even the type of chopping boards you use. How easy will it be to access your top cabinets when unpacking and where do you want the sink to be installed? Determine where the power points will be depending on the number of appliances you use daily in the kitchen.

Choosing the drawers

When choosing drawers, you need to know that you are choosing more than just storage spaces. With the new storage options available, you do not have to have a huge kitchen to get adequate storage. You can find new cabinet designs that will maximize the available space. You can also fit a dishwasher drawer next to the crockery cupboard and cutlery drawer for simple unloading. Enhance your kitchen versatility using multi-temperature fridge drawers. The fridge drawers can be used for cooling or storage depending on the selected temperature mode. Use new technologies to make the most of your kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling planning methods

When designing your kitchen you should be aware of different kitchen planning methods. Learning terms like ‘the kitchen triangle’, ‘zoning’ and ‘distributed appliances’ will help in your design efforts. Zoning considers how you intend to use the space and it comes up with sections or different activity zones. The kitchen triangle describes the positioning of the oven, fridge and sink and using a triangular layout during placement. The kitchen triangle does not always work for open plan and large spaces. Distributed appliances involve arranging appliances in locations where they will be most functional.

Creating a clean look

The modern kitchen is clutter free for the beautiful and clean look. If you have an open plan space, you have to make sure that the kitchen design is clean and uninterrupted to add to the room’s style without taking anything away from it. You can achieve the clean look using integrated appliances. This involves incorporating everyday appliances like the fridge and dishwasher, into the kitchen design by situating them under the counter top. They are hidden away or disguised, offering a streamlined look. Another way to create the look is by using ‘designed to match’ appliances. Choose appliances brands that design products with consentient materials, finishes and dimensions for coordinated look.

Working with renovation experts

It is important to speak to the experts when planning your kitchen design. Speaking to a professional kitchen designer will help to ensure that you get the best layout for the space available. Talk to the designer about your “must have” items and listen to valuable advice. Incorporating the things that you love from the beginning will help to ensure that your plans go well. Research the new appliances in the market so that you know the options available. This will help you to achieve the best results. Your renovation efforts will be successful when you deal with a reputable firm.

Coming up with the best design will not do you much good if you do not get the best installation. Kitchen renovation is not a DIY job if you are looking for the best results. Remember that this is a space that you want to enjoy for a long time and you should make the most of your substantial investment. Make sure that you look for a professional kitchen remodeling expert that offers the best products and installation services.

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