Kitchen Design Trends 2016

If you’re sick of the same stark, dull kitchen space and stainless steel appliances scattered throughout, then 2016 is the year to give ‘the heart and soul of your home’ some new character and that ‘ je ne sais quoi’ quality. Have you been toying with the idea of revamping your existing kitchen space and think 2016 may be the perfect time to take the plunge … You’re not alone!

It is important to think about what you will incorporate to improve your kitchen set-up, as well as an ‘inspiration’ of what you want the space to look and feel like. This decision is mainly based on you and your family’s needs. Three important words always crop up; Research, Research, Research!

It’s always worth reading up on engaging and impactful kitchen design trends, which will provide a spark of inspiration and thus will influence the overall design. It’s at your disposal, why not take advantage, it’s at your fingertips.  Also connect with friends, family, and neighbours who may have already revamped their kitchen spaces. Generate a buzz of optimism of creating your own unique kitchen design.

Here is a list of design elements that will go a long way in creating your ‘dream’ kitchen space. You hold the key it all depends on your imagination and ultimately ‘thinking out of the box’ or ‘thinking out of the norm.’


Furniture – style cabinetry is gaining notoriety as one of the top trends in 2016. The kitchen has always been described as ‘the heart and soul of the home’- a treasured space the whole family can enjoy. A way to incorporate this feature is by installing a granite or marble countertop complete with an island. Of importance, is to incorporate pieces that will be focal points in your new kitchen design.


Here are some do’s and don’ts about styling beautiful and practical open shelving in your kitchen spaces.

DO: Start with a clean slate 

DO: Look for graphic appeal

Anything with a cool label!  (like glass bottles of Heinz ketchup, glass bottles of Coca-Cola, cans of imported tomatoes, jars of jam)

DO: Think about what you will use daily

As per the lower shelving- a great spot for coffee mugs, everyday plates, bowls, water glasses, and wine glasses.

DON’T: Put extremely heavy items on top shelves

Be safe and store your biggest pots and pans in low shelving units.

DON’T: Think everything that you own has to be put on display

You should fill the shelves with a matched set of dishes, coordinate colors as essential pieces.

DON’T: Over stuff a small kitchen space

Use only a limited amount of things, therefore, it makes your room appear significantly larger than the actual square footage.


Wallpaper provides an easy way to add visual impact, even in small amounts. Wallpaper will be a main feature that will be used prominently in the kitchen designs in 2016 because they create striking features. Wallpaper can transform a room in ways that paint can’t. There are a wide variety of wallpaper options to choose from- including, fabric, cloth, metallic, a damask print; the effects achieved can be limitless!

When you need wallpaper coverings, WHO DO YOU HIRE?

It is possible to hang wallpaper coverings yourself, professionals usually advise against it, unless you’re dealing with an inexpensive wallpaper in solid color. There are so many ways that a project can go awry (mismatched patterns, seam separation) to name a few. In the end, you will end up wasting precious time and wallpaper and not saving much money. If you desire a patterned wallpaper covering, always do the right thing and hire a professional skilled technician. Contact Affinity Renovations to do a perfect, yet clean job.


Essential materials are mixed-stainless steel with wood, and, or wood with marble, to name a few.


Accomplished by using; lighting pieces, decorating bulkheads, installing a coffered ceiling, or the addition of classic embellishments.


This design feature focuses on clean lines, craftsmanship and overall functionality. In the end, it gives it a timeless look!


Consider black as the prominent tone for your culinary zone. Black can make a strong, impactful, and sleek statement. Black cabinets inject undeniable dynamics. Also, offers high-impact results in your visual presentation. The color black may seem intimidating at first glance, but it remains a timeless feature.


If you want your kitchen to feel open then this is the way to go. Open-plan kitchens are being designed with fewer wall cabinets dependent on the size of the kitchen space, and storage space for each prospective client’s needs. In respects to owning a small kitchen, this design element feature will enhance your room’s sense of spaciousness.

There are a wide variety of kitchen design trends for 2015. It has and will always be the homeowner’s personal preference and tastes that will ultimately design a kitchen space that will be practical, functional, and yet still be the ‘heart and soul of your home.’

In many respects, a kitchen design renovation is best left in the hands of a professional.

It’s at your fingertips, simply google; Affinity Renovations, and they will design a kitchen space from concept to completion that will suit you and your family’s needs for 2016 and beyond.

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