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Remodeling and Home Design/Build ServicesIn todays’ marketplace in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, real estate prices continue to climb and the cost to trade up an existing home for a larger one has increased two-fold. As a result, more and more homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes rather than relocate.

As homeowners we all have unique design ideas that are continually brewing on how we can transform our house into a dream home.

Enduring Quality Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

The renovation story never ends, as homeowners we are always looking to improve the interior and exterior façade of our homes. But the average homeowner leads a busy and hectic lifestyle, and it can be difficult at times to achieve our personal goals for our own beautiful ‘dream home’. Is it attainable? Yes.

Decide to invest in good people (Renovation Company) Affinity Renovations, they make sure that good quality material choices and a great design will make for the best possible renovation experience.

When it comes to achieving the home of your dreams in 2015 and onward, lifestyle choices are an important factor. You have to answer a few questions before you head down the design and build road of improving your home. First, does your home represent your lifestyle? and Does it meet your present and future needs? If you answered no, then it’s obvious that your home may need some attention.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Affinity Renovations

The Design and Build team of experts from Affinity Renovations will work with you to create new and unique spaces and change your homes’ functionality and how it best suits your family.

As with any renovation project, you should define and plan every aspect, every detail in order for your renovation project to be a success story. In fairness, there have been a multitude of renovation horror stories.

We have all heard the story once or twice from friends or family, on how renovation projects can fail miserably because not enough time was given to identify a plan, research and design and build areas that are well within your budget parameters. It could also be that you chose the wrong renovation company to execute your project. It can happen. So pat yourself on the back, you are on the right track.

What ideas do you have in mind?

  • Possibly turning a 3 bedroom layout and converting it into a 4 bedroom layout because of a new arrival in the family dynamic.
  • Your ‘hedonistic’ side is apparent and you want your own private wine cellar designed and built by Affinity Renovations. You want the pros to design and build a home theatre complete with all the design element features. You love entertaining and this is a unique way of accomplishing that.
  • Create an open concept feel complete with light and color that’s been missing from your existing layout. Re-configuring the layout on the main floor will give your home that new look and feel that has always been missing. If your home wasn’t blessed with towering windows, installing new French doors and installing new pot lights can encourage light to travel freely, while creating the illusion of space. Choose paint colours for the walls, trim and mouldings that are lighter and cooler in tone which will help to reflect light and give the space a more open concept feel.
  • Convert your garage into new living space. It sounds ridiculous, but more homeowners in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area are choosing to take that route because they require the need for a new bedroom space, a home office or even a fitness room to shed those extra pounds.
  • Remove non-bearing walls. Today, homeowners’ have the opportunity to rethink the layout and design in their homes. Removing these structurally unnecessary walls can make your home feel larger while improving the flow, lighting and function of your home.
  • Finish the basement. This type of renovation holds limitless potential and can ultimately increase the resale value or income potential of your home. Think about the unique possibilities; a basement apartment, rental property suite, games room or recreation room. So many ideas that could come to fruition with a perfect Design and Build project.

There are endless possibilities to designing and building new unique areas that will optimize the existing spaces in your home. You can have a brand new home without having to move.

From dream to reality, Affinity Renovations will create a new look that reflects your style, personality and lifestyle.

From concept to completion, Affinity Renovations is your 1 stop full service Design and Build experts. The results speak for themselves!

Houzz Design Group Includes Design and Build and Color Consultant and Design Services

Choose Houzz Design and involve Affinity Renovations

We are dedicated to client satisfaction and have award winning principles.

The staff at our Houzz Design Group can help you with residential and commercial projects from interior design needs to full design and build projects. Whether you want to spruce up the interior of your home or office, we’ll work closely with you to help you choose furnishings and design themes that will enhance your space. We will do our best to stay within your budget and are open to hearing all of your suggestions. We are good listeners and have a unique group of companies that can make your dreams and wish a reality within our one stop shop of services.

Our Core Values Include:

  • Adherence To Punctuality, Meeting Timelines

  • Great Work and Recommendations

  • Honesty and Integrity

Our Type of Work or Projects

  • Floor Plans
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Planning and Space Planning
  • Color Consultant Services
  • Full Design Service to Full Permit
  • Co-ordination of Mechanical, Structural and Building Permits
  • Full Shopping Services
  • Direct access to over 80 Full Time Trades People that are part of the Award Winning Team at Perfect Renovations Group and affiliates Perfect Painters, Perfect Handyman and Affinity Renovations.

We also have the ability to take on jobs of any size even from 1 Hr Color Consultant Services to Large Commercial Projects and our Design and Build.

At Houzz Designs, we work diligently to give our clients the high-quality service they desire. We’ll work around your schedule and meet with you at a time that’s most convenient for you. Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation.

2016 Special Rates Program from $99.00 per Hour

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