Beautiful Living Space From A Garage Conversion

Beautiful Living Space From A Garage Conversion

Garages are meant for storing cars, but all too often they become dusty, filthy junk repositories instead. What a waste! Today, garages, they’re not meant for cars anymore!  It seems far-fetched, sounds absurd, but realistically you can add more livable space to your home with a unique garage conversion.

Homeowners in desperate need of more living space are getting very creative these days. Perhaps the family dynamic is changing; you’re adding a new addition to the family, or active teenagers need their own private space, or the face and description of the modern family is changing.

Whatever the reason, you find yourself needing more livable space and you just don’t want to leave the neighbourhood. The solution could be right before your eyes, outside your front door … down the steps, into your garage.

It sounds like a crazy proposition, but in reality it makes a lot of sense.

Converting a garage into new living space can be a cost-effective and smart way to add the necessary space you so desperately need. You love the neighbourhood and you are not about to uproot your family. You have an emotional attachment that you just can’t let go of. There is a lot of sentimental value and way too many memories. Go for it!

Your lifestyle dictates that you need space wherever you can get it.

Take a Leap Of Faith

Start dreaming up unique, different solutions and brainstorm ideas. Turn those dreams into reality.  Do your homework, acquire knowledge. Research it thoroughly. Go on the internet and google: home renovation companies. Talk to neighbours, family who may have already done a garage conversion themselves. This is a way to prepare yourself for things that may or may not happen during the renovation process.

Now you’re ready to hire a home renovation company to execute the garage conversion

Affinity Renovations is a reputable home renovation company that has the knowledge, skills and experience to design and build a unique space in the lovely confines of your garage. Who knew the solution was right under your nose, right before your eyes, all this time.

The options are endless, but here are some practical renovation ideas to consider for your own unique garage conversion, such as:

A family or dining area

You can have the luxury of adding extra square footage to your already beautiful home. You love the neighbourhood. Location is a prominent factor. Create a new family room or dining area that you and your family can enjoy at the fraction of the cost to uprooting.

A new bedroom space:

You could have an extra bedroom designed for a growing teenager or an elderly relative complete with a bathroom with walk-in shower, sink with granite vanity, and toilet. Let your imagination create something beautiful.

Gym or work-out room:

Everyone wants to be more fit, but with the fast pace of today’s lifestyle it can be difficult to go to a gym, not to mention the escalating costs to pay for your membership. It’s just a hassle. Burn the calories, sweat at your own pace. You can have a slice of the celebrity lifestyle with your very own home gym. Your home gym can also include a walk-in shower, a hot tub or perhaps a sauna.

Home Office:

We live in a changing world with today’s technological advancements many people are taking the opportunity to work from home rather than enduring the daily rigours of highway traffic nightmares. Just think; you have no boss standing over you, no office politics, or miserable commute. It sounds like a fantasy! You can turn that dream into reality by creating your own home office environment in your unused, under-utilized garage space.

Home cinema:

Have you thought of converting your garage into a home cinema? Make it happen. You can watch movies in the luxury of your own home cinema space. Your design can include cinema chairs, a high definition sound system complete with a flat screen television. You can also use the space for your kids to play on their Xbox, Wii or Play station gaming systems. You can entertain family and friends in the lovely confines of your home. What a special place!


You’ve just introduced a new addition to the family, now you require the extra space to accommodate the natural transition of the family dynamic. Simply create a nursery with all the amenities and design features that will be practical, yet functional. It makes a whole lot of sense!
The options are endless! Affinity Renovations can uniquely turn your cold and unused garage into a warm and habitable room. And in the process increase the value of your home significantly.

Your home is your castle, treat it as such.  Make your house a home!

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