Bathroom Renovations

Do You Have A Bathroom Renovation Idea?

Bathroom Renovation, Remodeling and Home DesignYour bathroom renovation ideas didn’t just start today. Like a pot of coffee, it has been brewing for a while. Isn’t it time to turn your dull, boring bath space into your own private spa oasis? Picture your own private retreat after a long days’ work, paradise! Yes, your existing bathroom space is crying out for a change and let’s not forget, some tender loving care too.

Ultimately your decisions are based on a variety of factors and variables that continually wrack your brain! Factors such as:

  • Unhappiness

    Many little details frustrate and annoy you and other family members to no end. Possibly the color of tiles are outdated, there is a lack of water pressure in the shower and sinks, the vanity has just got to go. What a nightmare! Whatever the reason, now is the time to dive head first and set the wheels in motion for your bathroom renovation.

  • Planning

    What do you desire your bathroom to be? You may crave a more spacious bathroom space.

    Always do your research. You can get plenty ideas from Home magazines, the internet, Pinterest, showrooms. Think out of the norm. Get as much information and ideas before you settle on the final decision. Maybe you need a modern, yet classic design.

  • Budget Parameters

    Do your dreams match your budget? Price will vary dependent on a variety of considerations, such as; the quality of products , materials, and the overall design of your new bathroom space.

Who to Hire for Bathroom Renovation Project?

We all want to be the DIY, but for this particular renovation project it should be left in the hands of a professional. Yet, there are so many renovation companies in Greater Toronto Area that want your business. Who can you trust? In todays’ ever changing marketplace, Affinity Renovations rises to the top to execute all your bathroom renovation needs. They have the experience, knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

In today’s busy lifestyle, the need to relax and unwind has always been a prominent need. Don’t we all deserve that? What if you had the power to make that happen? Well, you can with a brand new bathroom renovation built and designed by the pros at Affinity Renovations.

There are many bathroom renovation ideas to consider, such as eco friendly bathroom

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Go Green
If you have a green thumb, you can incorporate these ideas into your own unique bathroom design.

Old Is New Again!

Use reclaimed materials to create a bathroom space that you thought was only possible on those HGTV renovation programs. Incorporate into your new design reclaimed wood products, which can be used as a vanity, flooring, walls and ceilings. Bring the feel of the outdoors inside. Maybe use recycled glass countertops for a brand new bathroom design that is sustainable. The possibilities are endless!

Standing Tub

The visual presentation will have elements of a clean, traditional, sleek and sculptural feel. Remember the days of old, hearken back to an era of the classic claw foot soaking tubs. Have that European appeal in your own bathroom. It`s a timeless classic design feature which offers visual appeal, luxury and a spa-like experience all in the lovely confines of your home.

Minimalist Design

Sometimes less is more. Add an open and airy feel to the space. The emphasis is placed on clean lines and unornamental furnishings.

Walk in Shower

Picture frameless glass enclosures, expansive shower complete with rain shower features. Create a unique space that you and your family will enjoy, or better yet, you and your better half will never want to leave. The possibilities are endless! Affinity Renovations have so many wonderful ideas for your new bathroom space.

Bathroom Floors

Your feet will love walking on in ground heated floors. Then incorporate the use of oversized tiles. Make an impactful statement!

Unique Bathroom

There are numerous bathroom style design features that can be incorporated into your bathroom space. Choose between modern, rustic, classic white, and blue. It is up to you! Possibly, new modern features such as; vanities, flooring, lighting, storage space, mirrors, etc.

Bathroom renovations in the Greater Toronto Area, trust Affinity Renovations to design an new bathroom space that will make you the envy of the neighbourhood. Create something unique and special, make your bathroom your own private oasis, a private retreat that you thought was only possible in a spa salon, now you can have that in the lovely confines of your home. Renovate your small bathroom to enjoy spa like experiences. Relax and enjoy your new bathroom, you deserve it!

Bathroom Design and Installation in the Greater Toronto Area

Are you in the process of renovating your bathroom or are you in the planning stages? The bathroom renovation project is usually of high priority for the average homeowner. The bathroom space has dramatically changed over the years, and it will continue to evolve as the informed consumer continually demands more. This translates into: more features, more options available, more customization principles and more unique bathroom spaces.

Affinity Renovations is proud to provide bathroom renovation services that are unmatched by any of its’ competitors. They are dedicated to providing sensible and cost-effective solutions when creating a new bathroom space in any home in Toronto and communities across the Greater Toronto Area.

Convert Your Bath or Shower

Space dedicated for the bathroom will continue to increase. Converting unused living areas into additional bathroom space will become a part of the renovation trend. In todays’ home marketplace, the average new home will average 3-4 bathrooms for added privacy, more bathroom ensuites’ are prominently designed with luxurious and extravagant features.

The options are endless, in what you want to accomplish in your bathroom space. Incorporating a walk-in shower with marble on the walls and floors will definitely add a distinct look and rich feel to your space. The choice is up to you, and it is mainly dependent on your overall budget parameters and project requirements.

Bathroom Renovation Services

Affinity Renovations is your bathroom renovation specialist in the Greater Toronto Area. The average bathroom renovation can consist of a small powder room face-lift to an extravagant, lavish bathroom transformation. It is totally up to you, you imagine it, we will accomplish your specific needs.

How can Affinity Renovations help to design your new bathroom space?

Bathroom Whirlpool

Items that are traditionally not a fixture of a bathroom. There is a shift in perception and very prominent choice.

Bathroom Tiling

Work with our specialized service experts to select from a wide array of feature pieces. Creating a sleek, modern designed walk-in shower furnished with marble accented on floors and walls.

Bathroom Painting

By adding a fresh new paint color will dramatically change the look and feel. Color choices are endless.

Bathroom Cabinets

The average homeowner wants this feature that will be useful in storage space for towels, linens and bathroom supplies.

Bathroom Plumbing

Our tradesmen are skilled and capable of fulfilling your every need.

Bathroom Countertops

Incorporating granite, marble, caesarstone or quartz to create a luxurious feature.

Bathroom Wallpaper

Dependent on choice can add an invaluable look and feel.

Let Affinity Renovations complete your bathroom renovation. Contact us to initiate your new creative designed bathroom transformation. The bathroom space offers a personalized customized retreat. Indulge yourself and enjoy!

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