Whole Home Renovations

Whole Home Renovation Project – A Complete Guide

Maybe it’s an older home purchased mainly for the location. Possibly you’ve lived in it for a while and you’ve decided to add some new character to your beautiful home. Whole home renovations often occur when you decide to remain in your neighbourhood because of lot size, schools located in the area, or when your home would easily adapt to an expansion when families grow.

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What’s All The Racket In The Attic?

Create more Livable Space with an Attic Renovation

In most homes in the Greater Toronto Area, the average homeowner is trying to find one more area to add new livable space, families continue to grow in size and you desperately need the extra square footage. If you own a home that has an attic, you may have just solved the problem. Consider all the possibilities; a recreation room, a cozy retreat, a new bedroom space complete with a master suite bathroom. The possibilities are never ending.

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Walk this way comfort under your feet!

Comfort Your Feet With a Flooring Renovation

Home environments change, overall style and personality are the main factors when considering new flooring options. Methods continue to evolve, and there are many flooring option types that can spark your imagination! Think of comfort, and visual appearance, and which rooms in your home are in need of a flooring makeover or upgrade.

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